CAVA Pita Chips


CAVA pita chips are super tasty & crunchy. It goes well with their traditional hummus or roasted eggplant dip. Pita chips have about 260 calories in 1 bag but they aren’t good as a healthy snack. Because they’re made of flour.

Simple pita chips recipe

Pita chips they are so easy to make at home and you can jazz them up with whatever seasoning you like.

I like to turn pita bread into chips. Its the easiest method for me. But pita bread is little bit thicker. So i like to start by splitting the pita bread first. So that I have two sides that are thinner they crisp up much better in the oven. so I just go around with my knife to open up the pita. all the way and then I get two thinner sides of pita.

Now I’m gonna give these a nice brush of olive oil on both sides. Now this is what helps them crisp up nicely and it gives them great flavor. I’m gonna season it with kosher salt. I’m using zatar today to give them just a little bit of extra something special jazz. Turn them over and do the same bit on this side.

Pita Chips with hummus

Then turn them into triangles. So we’re gonna cut in half then quarters. I’m gonna serve them with some dips and some veggies.

We’re gonna just stick this triangles in the oven for about anywhere between 7 and 11 minutes. you’re gonna watch them & turn them around if you see the colors changing. but what you’re looking for are golden brown pita chips that are crispy and absolutely amazing. If you need some more color you just flip them over stick them back in the oven watch for a few seconds and they will be perfect

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