Caramel Delites vs Samoas


The main difference is Samoa seemed a lot more caramel flavored than caramel delites

Lets illustrate the differences between two different Girl Scout cookies that are really the same, the caramel Delites and the Samoas. They are not sold in the same region. So you’re either gonna get one or the other depending on your area. I happen at both and right now.

Caramel Delites & Samoas

The box and packaging

First of all the boxes are different sizes kind of weird. you can see the pictures are different on the background. the packages the caramel Delites come with a silver package bag and the Samoas have a clear one.


The caramel Delites has little more golden look, very neat. These Samoas are little pressed and maybe a little sloppy. Maybe a little difference in the height.


The caramel delite is chewy, little crispy & delicious . Samoa seemed a lot more caramel flavored which I wouldn’t expect and it tastes less than delite. press down .just like it looks like like caramel blended in with coconut where these are more distinct. I understand caramel delites are more crispy cookie sensation and it is the winner.

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