Can you eat sand fleas?


In the past I’ve tried hard shell sand crabs and they were okay. But I’ve never tried soft shell sand crabs.. If you don’t know what sand crabs or sand fleas are let me tell you real quick what they are. So you can find these all over the beach they’re very common.

Sand fleas can contain parasites!

Now the bad thing about sand crabs at all that I’ve heard about is that they contain parasites. So if you do anyone you wouldn’t want to eat it raw. But my whole life of being on this earth I’ve never heard of anybody eating a sand crab raw. But if you do just make sure you cook it.

sand fleas eating

Cook them with butter or oil

You can cook them with butter and they taste okay. Make sure to wash them thoroughly, season them with onions and garlic. Fry them in olive oil or soy bean oil. You have to put them in water overnight so that they clean out there systems before you eat them.

So get a homemade net. You need to really wait for the water to come out you put the net down and with your feet you just kick up any sand and if there’s any sand crabs there as the water goes out they should accumulate in your net.



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