Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?


Can rabbits eat tomatoes

Can rabbits eat tomatoes? is tomatoes safe for rabbits? Yes, tomatoes are not toxic to rabbits, but it is not a regular food for them. You need to keep some important thing in mind when giving tomatoes to rabbits. So lets first talk about tomatoes benefits.

Tomato nutrients :

First of all, tomato is a very healthy vegetable. Studies proved that eating tomatoes could lower the blood sugar level and help to prevent cancers. Tomatoes contain phosphorus, fibre, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium and some antioxidants like lycopene and folic acid. As you see tomatoes have a bunch of valuable nutrients, .antioxidants can fight with cancer because they can attack free radicals formed in the animal’s body. Lycopene is good for eyes health also. Eating vegetables will always be good for overall health and can prevent many diseases.potassium can control blood pressure levels and fiber is also essential to have a healthy heart. Vitamin c is also good for heart health. Folate acid can prevent heart attacks, and potassium also can reduce the chance of creating stones in the kidneys. For type 1 diabetes patients tomato is a very healthy vegetable because it can reduce glucose content.

But Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are good in every way.But Can rabbits eat tomatoes? let’s see that now. Keep in mind eating tomato seeds, leaves and vines can be dangerous for rabbits. So keep them away. Tomatoes are not suitable for baby rabbits also. All those vitamins and minerals like antioxidants and vitamin c will help to increase the overall health of rabbits.Be careful to not to give tomato seeds and leaves, vines to rabbits. Always remember tomatoes are not good food as a regular food.over eating tomatoes can cause diarrhoea and stomach issues for rabbits. Always wash the tomatoes before giving to rabbits and don’t give the whole tomato for rabbits. Wash the tomato well first and cut the tomato into slices. Then remove the tomato seeds and give maximum 2-3 slices for the rabbit to eat.keep that in mind. As always give tomatoes with hay or other vegetables. You probably knew that rabbits meal must have about 80% of always mix vegetables and fruits with hay, and that will give your rabbit a nice healthy meal.

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