Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

can rabbits eat spinach

Can rabbits eat spinach? The short answer is yes. But you need to keep some points in your mind. Before talking about our topic, I like to talk about spinach.

The short answer is spinach is a superfood.For humans, we have a lot of benefits from spinach. They are :
Control blood glucose level
Protect us from cancers
Helps to the bone to keep healthy
Control blood pressure
Improves digestion
and many more.
Spinach has iron, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and folate. There are some more vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E and fiber.

Spinach Benefits For Rabbits :

So can rabbits eat spinach? When talking about rabbits, if you like to feed vegetables to a rabbit, you need to consider about sugar level and vitamins. As i said earlier, spinach has high amounts of nutrients. You must limit the spinach portion for rabbits. Spinach has more minerals like calcium, and sometimes calcium can be stuck on rabbits bladder if you give too much spinach for the rabbit.
You need to worry about another thing.spinach have oxalates.Too much oxalate can hurt rabbits urine tract, and that can be painful for the rabbit. So as i said spinach in a not regular food for rabbits. Also, I would not recommend spinach for baby rabbits. Give spinach after they are old about 2-3 months.

So My Recommendations :

1.Feed spinach twice a week maximum.
2.Mix the vegetables and leaves each day.

Another point is in the market there are precooked and canned spinach. So i must say rabbits digest system can’t process cooked foods. Canned spinach have more salt, and too much salt can also cause some problems for the rabbit. Keep rabbits from frozen vegetables or frozen leaves. Those are not a natural condition. Always try to give foods in natural condition. If your backyard has space plant some leaves and vegetables for your pet rabbit. So by doing that you save some money and your rabbit can have a delicious diet also.

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