Can Rabbits Eat Celery ?


can rabbits eat celery
celery ready for rabbits

Can rabbits eat celery? Before talking about that we will talk about what are celery and celery facts.I know you are in a hurry to see the answer. The short answer is yes. But only a small portion and small pieces and there are some things you need to worry about. Now let’s talk about celery in details.

Celery facts :

Celery is a kind of vegetable and celery leaves, or celery stalks can be used for cooking.But celery has high sugar content also. Because celery has fiber and low-calorie celery is used for weight loss diet plans.

So rabbits love to eat celery. But is it safe? Celery has many nutrients. Vitamins and minerals.
They are fiber, potassium, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A Vitamin E, calcium, iron, folic acid and magnesium and phosphorous. And there are some more nutrients. So as you can see, these are very healthy nutrients and valuable things to animals, even rabbits.

Benefits for rabbits by eating celery :

Celery is a hard vegetable and hard to bite. But that will keep the rabbit’s teeth in safe size. Also, celery has a lot of valuable nutrients.All these valuable nutrients very help full for doubt about it.

But you need to consider some things when rabbits eat celery. Always cut celery to about 1-inch pieces. Because celery string can be stuck on rabbits digest system and that is not good at all. Some times it will cause injuries in rabbits stomach.If you’re feeding celery for rabbit first time, start with tiny portions. Because rabbits stomach is susceptible and will upset easily, if they eat new foods or eat high sugar foods, their tiny stomach can be upset and sometimes it will be painful for them. Start giving celery with other common foods like hay or something. But remember to start with small portions. If he is good with that, you can increase the amount of celery for the rabbit.

Also, celery has high sugar content.I wrote that earlier if you remember. For us, it is not a high content, but for rabbits, its too much. So don’t give them celery as regular food. Give them some break.

So can rabbits eat celery ? yes but you need take care some things as i said earlier.Hope you got some information by this article.Thank you

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