Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage?


Can Rabbits Cabbage

Can Rabbits eat Cabbage? Yes, sure, but you need to consider some important things when feeding Cabbage for rabbits. So before anything, we will discuss cabbage goodies.

About Cabbage :

Cabbage is in the same group as lettuce. All those vegetables are pack with valuable nutrients, and minerals.lets talk about them first. Studies proved that eating cabbage can lower the risk of having heart attacks and cancers and diabetes. The compound called diindolylmethane can fight against cancer cells and decrease the damages by radiation. Another cancer-killing chemical is called sulforaphane.sulforaphane can fight with cancers and prevent cancers. Studies also proved that a chemical called apigenin can reduce the size of tumors in breast cancers. In red or purple cabbage contain anthocyanins that can even protect animals from cancers. Cabbage contains Vitamin K, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Red or purple cabbage more nutrients amount than green cabbage.

But Can Rabbits eat Cabbage?

So Cabbage has a lot of good nutrients. But Can Rabbits eat Cabbage?. Is Cabbage safe for rabbits.lets see that. As I said, early rabbits can eat Cabbage but small amounts. Too much cabbage eating can cause bloating, or diarrhea for rabbits.3-5 cabbage leaves will be fine for each time. All cabbage varieties are safe to eat for rabbits but only small amounts. If you’re introducing Cabbage to you’re a rabbit, first give a small amount first. Mix cabbage with other leaves or vegetables is a good idea also.

Always the main part of the rabbit’s meal must be hay. As you might now, 15-20% can contain fresh fruits or vegetables. There are no issues with Cabbage if you feed them small portions. Be careful not to give too much Cabbage to eat for your rabbits. It can cause some serious problems for the rabbit’s digest system. Always wash Cabbage well before giving to your rabbit.that will remove unwanted pesticides and etc.

I hope this was helpful to you. Thank you.

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