Can diabetics eat cantaloupe?


Because cantaloupes is a low glycemic fruit means it don’t cause sudden blood sugar spike. So it’s a great pick for people with diabetes. So cantaloupes are recommendable for diabetics. cantaloupe help to reduce blood pressure, body weight and heart issues

Cantaloupes make you hydrated

cantaloupes are the perfect fruits to get hydrated. when we get dehydrated we lose our thinking ability, we lose our digestion ability, and we just aren’t our best. so when we get these fruits because they have  electrolytes in them. the electrolytes are going to help build healthy bones healthy muscles but the electrolytes also help you absorb your nutrients better and they have such a high water content that it helps your body to stay hydrated .


Twice the vitamin C of honeydew

so cantaloupe has vitamin C and that’s a good giveaway because cantaloupe has twice the vitamin c of honeydew. It also has 67 percent more beta-carotene.  so anytime we see these bright orange colors we know we are getting some some extra beta carotene . Now don’t forget vitamin C. That’s  your skin, that’s your hair, that’s what helps build collagen in your body. So you definitely need this. Now cantaloupe is very much promoted in the dash diet .dash diet is about lowering your blood pressure and preventing heart problems. So this is very much a healthy food for the dash diet also you’ve got nutrients in here i already told you about building collagen. but you have to have vitamin C, you have to have the nutrients in this cantaloupe to help you absorb iron. You’ve got to have it because a lack of iron in your diet leads to hair loss. So if your hair’s been thinning you need to get more vitamin C to help the iron and your other foods get absorbed. 

Low calorie, high water

This it’s a low calorie, high water fruit and it also is loaded with lots of antioxidants and also hey if your vision is important to you, definitely want to be adding more cantaloupe because this  helps prevent macular degeneration and that is something a lot of people are starting to be concerned about.

cantaloupes are going to have high amounts of potassium now potassium is very important to help reduce the the incidences of kidney stones and a lot of people are dealing with more and more kidney stones all the time because our diets just are  not as healthy as they should be.

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