Can Cats Eat Bananas ?

Can cats eat bananas ?

Can cats eat bananas? Before we talk about that, I will talk about what are the best foods for cats. I must say every cat has different tastes.If some cat-like some food, another cat might not interest in it. Cats teeth are sharp, and they build to tear flesh. Now cats were a civilized long time ago, and in nature, their natural foods are birds and small rabbits. Cats love a variety of foods. So native cats foods are fish, red meat, rabbits, milk and cheese.Oh, I forgot the mice. .In household, you can give canned tuna. But don’t give several days straight. Canned tuna is much saltier, and it is not very good for cats. But remember tuna for humans are too salty I think for too much-canned tuna is bad for him. Avoid seafood mixtures like crab and tuna.

Some of best natural cats foods facts :

Cats also like yoghurt. But also remember to give low-fat one. Other vices it will be bad for him. Cats also like to lick junk foods like Cheetos. But keep them away from high sugar foods and fruits. Cats can eat bananas but only small pieces. They also like to eat meat. But only meat is not enough for them. Meat only doesn’t give all nutrients cat wants. Cats also like vegetables and cereal. The cooked cereal will be a good option. But if your cats giving too much carbohydrate can be a problem. Also, remember cats kidneys are very vulnerable. So make sure to provide them with plenty of freshwaters. Give fresh water in a regular basis will be a good option. Water is the most crucial drink for all animals.

Milk: milk gives some cats diarrhoea. Many commercial foods use milk power because of this. Some of the cats are lactose intolerant.
But you need to understand that diarrhoea is a symptom that can cause diseases afterwords. Because of this, some cats tolerate one pre-made food than others.

Vitamin A and D : Eggs and milk contain vitamin A. Overdose of vitamin can harm the bones of cat.

Calcium and phosphorus: Newly born cats drink mothers milk only. Mothers milk is low in Calcium and phosphorus. So the kitten stays weak for about six weeks, and owners must adjust the diet properly after six weeks.

So the main topic? Can cats eat bananas? Yes but remember to remove the peel first and give them. Their digest system cannot break the fibers in the peel.remember that bananas have high sugar content and not suitable for cats also.if you forget that notice your cat can have diabetes or obesity. So my final word is if your cat likes to bite a small piece of banana that’s ok. But give them small piece without the peel and don’t give large chunks because a high amount of sugar can harm them.

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