Cactus Jump


    Here is a cactus with 30k spikes! I mean who in their right mind jumps directly to a cactus. Cacus spines are modified leaves.If you think about normal leaves,there is lot of surface area and also lot of chance to evaporate water.But the cactus leaves is just the opposite of that.its very sharp and compact and its not letting water out.this is the exact function has to provide in desert with very little water. The other advantage of having spikes is that it protects cactus from other animals that like to feed water inside. But these idiots are not feeding on water inside,they are feeding on internet glory and views.

    Here is a guy jumping to a cactus. What goes in to cactus, must come out. video comes from Australia from a group called children of Poseidon. who have some interesting things on their YouTube lets play you rather, gun to your head or you had to pick one, would you rather jump to cactus like this guy?



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