Boots Popsicle


    No. Boots popsicle was never existed. But Dora popsicles exist and you can but that from ice cream trucks.. People remember boots popsicle is real and can buy from stores, because of Mandela effect. There are popular popsicles like Spongebob popsicles, spider man popsicle & Sonic popsicles etc. But not Boots ice cream popsicle.

    What is Mandela effect?

    It all starts with Nelson Mandela even though it has very little to do with him. So let’s start at the beginning .

    Nelson Mandela was a South African political activist who was imprisoned for 27 years and then became president of South Africa. however some people actually have these memories of him actually dying while in prison. These memories are absolutely fake and untrue because he went on to become the president of South Africa. So how could they remember him dying while in prison?

    There are many people that have shared stories about remembering seeing his widow on television and the exact details of his death. this was the first incident to really gain traction where a lot of people miss remembered something.

    That a massive amount of people all thought that they you know the past was something different than it really was. and someone actually coined the term Mandela effect.

    boots from dora cartoon

    Did the boots ice cream exist?

    Absolutely not.. Its not real and lot of people still think its existing..

    Dora the Explorer

    Dora the Explorer is a cartoon made for kids by Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2014.The two main characters of the cartoon are dora and boots. It became very popular among kids and there are lot of t-shirts, gift items about this.

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