Bochasweet Sugar Substitute & Side Effects


Kabocha sweet is a sweetener that’s derived from the kabocha pumpkin as a Japanese pumpkin and they’ve made it into a sweetener. now they say there is no effect at all on your blood sugar. I’ve read reviews online that said there is from some people and i’ve read reviews online where people say there isn’t.

Does BochaSweet raise blood sugar?

I got the bochasweet, i tried it out and the morning i tried with two tablespoons, my blood sugar went up. now I wasn’t sure if it was because of this or there was something else going on. so going back to when i actually ate the bochasweet my blood sugar level was 88. for some reason at the half hour mark my glucose level was up to 99 then about a half hour after that got back down to a 96 and then it was 89 and then it was at 92. so just you know it’s a couple difference.

They say that the bochasweet extract does not have any effect on your glucose levels. but it seems to have had a little bit of an effect. so for me going up about 10 points 15 points isn’t that bad especially considering the two tablespoons that i had. but if you look at other things like Allulose that will either keep it completely steady or take it down even when you’re eating other foods that have carbohydrates in it. this is not going to have that same level effect or effect of bringing it down like something like Allulose or something like the all-purpose and the raw will as keeping it completely steady.

sugar substitute for coffee

Bochasweet aftertaste

No bitter aftertaste at all. is there an aftertaste at all on it i will say that there’s a slight slight little cooling effect and is nothing even close to Erythritol.

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