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What is allulose made from?

Allulose is a naturally occurring rare sugar .It occurs in things like certain fruits vegetables I think it occurs in wheat and maple syrup.. But the stuff you get commercially made is probably not harvested from natural sources because obviously it’s such a small concentration in those natural sources let in order to produce a bag. you find is probably going to be extracted from corn.

Is allulose keto?

And you might go corn, no way, “we can’t do that on a keto diet”. well sure. But erythritol is actually generally extracted from corn. It is a fermented byproduct of corn. So we can’t necessarily say just because it had a source from corn that we can’t have an on keto diet because we’ve all accepted that erythritol is totally fine on keto. So since this is using the same relative process or extraction source, then I would say that I loathe extract from corn is just as viable as an option as erythritol extracted from corn. I think that’s a safe assumption to make. Now I may have mentioned it in passing already but Allulose is typically between 60 and 70 percent of sugars. So its perfect sweetener for baking

baked muffin with allulose

Does allulose have an aftertaste?

No. It  it doesn’t have an aftertaste. Beauty of Allulose is that it tastes like sugar. It has the same chemical properties of the sugar meaning it dissolves very similarly. It works well in when it’s heated. It works well when it’s chilled. It’s just an all-around great sugar substitute and it is natural and no glycemic index. So that is just perfect.

Does allulose dissolve?

So in order to get the same relative amount you need to use just a little bit more but the thing that I really do like about Allulose is, it’s totally water soluble as I mentioned earlier compared to erythritol.

For example pecan pie that I made. I tried using or atoll instead of that additional half cup of valueless and I got really nasty film of basically just gritty or erythritol at the bottom of the pie. So well you can dissolve it a little bit. Keep it dissolved once it cools because a lot of times with erythritol and similar sweeteners you can dissolve it with heat. But as soon as it cools down it’s going to recrystallize especially in concentration. I’ve done a test above a 1 to 1 water analyst ratio and it stayed dissolved into a really thick syrup.

Does allulose raise blood sugar?

So Allulose to me is like the perfect keto sweetener. It tastes like sugar, it has the same chemical properties of sugar and it’s claimed to not affect blood sugar levels at all .Allulose is not gonna affect your ketone levels it is not going to affect your blood glucose levels. It is not going to do anything to you.

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