Are Starburst Wrappers Edible?


I love them because they’re fruit chew candies with with such amazing flavor. They’re so flavorful that’s that they’re just some of my favorites and flavorful in the kind of way that I like.

It’s kind of a soft taffy style of candy. I love the fact that they have a multi pack with different flavors in it and let’s give blackcurrant starburst a try. The original starburst American version of full five, I consider it one of my favorite candies. lemon starburst is amazing. it’s like sour but like that great mix of lemon and lime sour. you know it’s not purely lemon maybe not as sweet I guess as the pure lemon flavor.

Starburst wrappers edible?

Starburst candy have a great, bright wrapping on them. They’re edible. They just coloured waxed paper and not toxic. These wrappers won’t kill you, but if you eat too much wrappers, that can cause some problems in your stomach.

So eat the starburst candy, that is delicious. Forget the wrapper

Starburst wrapper



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