Are Shishito Peppers Hot?


Shishitos have about 200 Scoville heat units which isn’t very hot at all. So shishito pepper is an Asian variety of the pepper. But they’re really not that spicy. especially when they’re cooked. They are basically just going to be blistered in a bit of hot oil .

Hot Shishito Peppers

So once these blister, we’re going to go to the paper towel run sheet ,let them cool and we can just try them instantly. so it’s a wonderful little quick appetizer and I think it’s kind of unique and different too. You can increase the taste by dipping Shishitos on mayonnaise sause.

Creating quick dipping sauce

so you take a mayonnaise and a bit of the chipotle peppers, put them in a food processor that’s it. sprinkling some salt on the peppers as soon as they come out of the oil.

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