Are Popcorners Healthy?


Yes. It is healthy snack. Popcorners are a type of snack that is often marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips or other fried snacks. They are essentially popped corn chips that are shaped like triangles. Popcorners can be a reasonable choice for a snack if consumed in moderation. They might offer a better nutritional profile compared to traditional fried chips, but they are not a substitute for whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Popcorners are great healthy snack for put into your kids lunch boxes. You can bring it to work after-school snack anything like that. What I really like about popcorns is that they have very few ingredients. White cheddar got a little bit of extra ingredients just because of the cheese.


Main Popcorners ingredients

  • Yellow corn
  • Sunflower oil
  • Sea salt

So some has few more ingredients than the other ones do. Popcorners are gluten free. There’s no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, 130 calories per bag, no trans fats, never fried, 2 grams of protein and non GMO corn.

I mean it doesn’t get much simpler than that. I love that. The other flavor is  kettle corn and this is the same thing. yellow corn, sunflower oil , cane sugar and sea salt. So these are delicious.

If you guys want to try these out, if you’re looking for a good healthy easy snack to give your kids, popcorners is way to go. I like how healthy they are compared to other snacks or chips that you could give to your kids. if but all in all good stuff here and I definitely recommend that you at least try these out if you next time you go to the store

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