Are lobsters immortal?


Lobsters or any animal in the planet can’t live forever. They’re not immortal. But lobsters live a very long time. Its not clear from where or which time this myth originated. Understanding the natural lifespan of a lobster can be difficult .Because we don’t follow them day to day. We slowly learn about their lives as science progresses over the years. What scientists speculate is that lobsters can live for a very long time. Maybe even indefinitely .But we have found some up to a hundred years old.

Fun fact, they don’t live on plates or swim in butter. When you first think about a lobster the first thing that usually comes to your mind is what is on the menu. But officers actually a very fascinating lives. 

When you see a lobster at the grocery store usually they come in a red coloration. But that red coloration came from them being cooked the process of cooking. In nature and lobsters come in all kinds of colors. you can find purple lobsters, blue Browns and blacks really based on their natural Geography.


Lobsters taste with their legs to find food

lobsters have chemosensory hairs along each one of their legs and on the tips of them are these receptors that allow them to taste and smell the world around them.. kind of like if we had tongues on the bottoms of our feet and as we walked all over the place we could taste the ground. does it really sound great for humans but for lobster very important.

Lobsters eat with their hidden teeth

Lobster mouths are very unique they have these two teeth that kind of grind together. They actually have their teeth located on the stomach underneath them. So in order to get that food they’ll often pounce on it and bring them to their stomach where the teeth grind it apart and make it easier to digest.

Tiny brain

They have a really small brain about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. and they really just use that to locate their prey. so they’re very motivated by food and smells and hiding from predators.

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