Are hot cheetos bad for you?


You may want to consider skipping  spicy snacks like flamin hot cheetos because that is bad for you and your kids. They have become so popular that now you’re seeing this fiery red powder on just about everything from popcorn to pork rinds to potato chips. Doctors say it could be damaging to your kid’s digestive system. 

Hot cheetos is bad for kids

There’s a lot of things that go around on the Internet as far as kids being rushed to emergency for stomach pain or vomiting. so these hot cheetos these hot snacks actually can damage your stomach because of the increased acidity that it can produce. WXYZ is dr. Partha Nandi is a gastroenterologist and he’s seen what these sizzling snacks can do .

Hot cheetos

So these kids are eating them and they’re having a lot of pain. It’s because the amount of acid is more than the stomach and also the esophagus can handle. so bad that they end up in the emergency room. On top of that just a small bag of these has 24 grams of fat in over 1200 milligrams of sodium. This is a high-fat processed full of spice that it’s to such a level that it actually increases the acid level in your stomach and can damage it. dr. Nandi says it’s important for parents to keep an eye out for signs of stomach pain in their kids. Read about rc drones

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