Are dragonfly good luck?


In some countries, They believe Dragonfly bring good luck. They think if a dragonfly came near you, it means good luck and can come good things in future… So make a wish when you see a dragonfly and it’ll come true.

Dragonfly life


Dragonflies have a three stage life cycle. so they start in the water as an egg and then they hatch into a nymph and hatch out of the water 

They can fly in every direction and hover like a helicopter and they’re predators. so they fly, catch and capture their prey in mid-air. Did you know that dragonflies are among the most ancient creatures alive today?

They were here 350 million years ago when the dinosaurs were here and they survived and they’re still here sometimes when you’re out in nature you hear their buzzing sound and then you locate them and oftentimes they’re hunting for insects

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