Are Clementines Seedless?


So clementines are mandarins. Generally they are a cross between a mandarin and a sweet orange. These are really popular for kids’ school lunches because they are easy to peel. So yeah. They are seedless. They usually do not have any seeds and they’re cute.

Mandarins are common

Mandarins are not just one thing. They are many many different things. some of them are different subspecies than others and what they have in common is generally mandarins. There is an original mandarin that used to be around i don’t think it exists anymore. But if you were to break down the genetics of different mandarins you will find that they have the same sort of parent which is the original Mandarin. 


So some of these are a little bit more common than others, probably the most common one that you’ll find is this guy here, this is a clementine. They’re sweet maybe like um four out of ten for sweetness. a little bit sour these are maybe a three out of ten. Seedless and the flavor on it it’s pretty good. It’s not like super strong but yeah for for the convenience of it and everything that’s that’s pretty nice.

Page Mandarin vs Clementine

page mandarin is super duper juicy. It is turning into liquid in my hand. Page mandarins are good definitely better than the clementine. It’s more sour than an orange i’d say it’s like a a seven out of ten the sweetness is quite high too probably a six out of ten. It does have seeds. so a little less kid friendly for a few reasons.

Tangerines vs Clementine

Tangerines also have a little to no seeds in them. I didn’t get any seeds because the sweetness is quite high. I’d say it is a little bit sweeter than an orange, maybe a six. it’s like the tartness of an orange like a five out of ten and the flavor of the tangerine is like if you took the clementine but added a little bit more of an orange flavor to it.

Satsumas vs Clementine

satsumas don’t just peel easily. They also separate easily. But the one thing with these is that they are like little water balloons. There is just like juice with a membrane around it. when you bite into it it just like falls apart into liquid. There’s hardly any pulp at all. However the flavor of it is mild. They are sweet, I’d say about as sweet as an orange, maybe a little bit more let’s say like a 6 out of 10 on sweetness. But the tartness is very low. This one here looks like a 2 out of 10. so these are good. They definitely have their pros to it but they are mild.

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