Allulose vs Sucralose vs Swerve


The main difference is allulose taste like normal sugar and has 0.4 calories per gram. Sucralose is 6 times sweeter than normal sugar and have almost no calories. Swerve is also zero calorie sweetener and tastes like normal sugar



Now Allulose is a rare or the sugar. So it’s different than like a you know artificial sweetener or you know a sugar alcohol and the fact that it is a naturally occurring sugar. But much like those sugar alcohols, sugar fibers , your body cannot absorb it. Now the way they mark this stuff is, it is the exact same taste as sugar but 70% as sweet. I know erythritol does the same thing.

Is allulose healthier than sugar?

But we all know that like it has an aftertaste. This stuff I find it has very minimal aftertaste. It’s also only about 1/10 of the calories as sugar. So one gram of sugar is usually four calories. So for this stuff it would be four calories for 10 grams of it. Now that’s quite a bit of sugar or sweetener for not a lot of calories. In terms of what it’s used for guys it uses basically exactly like sugar and it’s actually very very chemically similar to fructose.

Does allulose really taste like sugar?

It’s you know, bakes really well like just like sugar. It actually freezes like sugar too. So there might be an eyeless ice cream coming in the future. But the point is this stuff functions almost exactly like sugar. and they claim to have no impact on like your blood sugar levels. which is Awesome.


In this age of fast food, it is becoming crucial that people have control on their calorie intake. Calories not only make one fat but also increase the risk of heart diseases. Everyone loves baked products or sweets. We all take tea or coffee every day. Most of us use sugar as a sweetener.

Is sucralose a safe?

Sugar has a high-calorie rating. Sugar is also a no go for the diabetics. The number of diabetic patients is increasing day by day. So we need an alternate sweetener to sugar. We already have saccharin, but have some side effects. So Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. Sucralose is 6 times sweeter than normal sugar. It is soluble in water. It’s using for baking purposes too. It tastes better than the other sweeteners. It as well provides more stability and safety over other products. Sucralose is also calorie free.

Sucralose vs Sugar

Sucralose is sold in granulated form. This granulated form can be used as you would use sugar. One should use the granulated sucralose as much as one would use sugar. Sucralose is hygroscopic. Sucralose does not attract moisture as sugar does. So the baked products will be drier than products made using sugar. Using sucralose instead of sugar is a smart choice. It is healthy and contains no calorie. It is specially a suitable choice for the diabetic patients. The FDA has approved sucralose as a safe alternate to traditional sugar. Sucralose is the best artificial sweetener one may get now. That ends our short discussion on what is sucralose.


So a swerve is extremely popular we get them off of Amazon you can also find them in some other places like your grocery store the health food section health food stores etc .

What is the sweetener Swerve made of?

So the way that swerve makes their product is they’re all the products are made from erythritol .Which is a keto sweetener which means it doesn’t have a glycemic impact. It’s not considered sugar. It is a keto of sweetener. So when it’s okay on our keto lifestyle .And they have two main versions .one of them is going to be granulated swerve.. And then the other main version is going to be a confectioner swerve. 

Swerve Aftertaste

But I tend to prefer the confectioner’s. I feel like it bakes a little bit easier into whatever I’m making. I don’t feel those granulated crystals. Some people don’t mind this at all and love the granulated. So when we cook some people do notice a cooling effect aftertaste. For me I’m really sensitive that aftertaste and I generally won’t eat a baked good. If it just has swerve in it. That’s okay because there are other sweeteners that you can add to it that make it absolutely delicious. So for me when I bake I use confectioners packet but then I add in something called liquid stevia. It makes kind of that cool effect going and using the combination have a conversion chart on the product

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