Allulose vs Monk fruit


The main difference is monk fruit is more natural than allulose and also have antioxidants. They both have zero sugar and carbs. Allulose have more chance to cause some digestive issues like gastric distress, bloating and gas.

What is monk fruit?

So monk fruit is this small green melon and it’s actually been consumed for centuries. so when we look at where monk fruit originated from buddhist monks were actually one of the first people to utilize monk fruit as a sweetener. So that’s really when you think about where it got its name it got its name because the monks used to use it. Now with monk fruit, it’s about 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar and when we think about the fruit extract which is used as a sweetener it is considered a natural sweetener. It contains zero calories, it has no sugar. so it is a great alternative and also what’s really interesting about it is because it comes from a fruit it has antioxidant compounds in it, Which may potentially offer additional health benefits. Something about monk fruit that’s really interesting is that it’s been deemed safe for pregnant women for children for really all populations and it doesn’t seem to cause any kind of digestive troubles, it does not raise blood sugar, so it is suitable for people with diabetes and seems to be suitable for people of all ages.

Allulose & Monk fruit sweeteners

What is allulose?

Did you know that there’s a new sweetener that tastes and looks just like sugar but without the carbs and that it’s all natural. Now i know if you have diabetes or you’ve been working to reduce your blood sugar, the idea of an all-natural sweetener that looks and tastes and acts just like sugar, but without the carbs and without the calories. sounds pretty amazing right. But i know exactly what you’re thinking right now. Because i know that there’s other sweeteners out there that promise the same thing. They’re low in carbs they’re low in calories but sometimes they come with some unwanted side effects. maybe they have an aftertaste or maybe they cause some gas and bloating. This new sweetener called Allulose. Because allulose everything you’d want sugar to be with none of the side effects. you basically can enjoy it without spiking your blood sugar. There’s no unwanted side effects, it tastes just like sugar, so there’s no aftertaste

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