Allulose Side Effects


you’re probably wondering if there’s any side effects using allulose. unlike some other sweeteners out there it resists getting fermentated in the gut. so what happens with some like sugar alcohols is when they get to the gut they get broken down by the gut bacteria and this is what causes those digestive symptoms like floating gas. well that doesn’t happen with allulose. most of the allulose you’re eating is actually not going directly into the intestines. what’s happening is it gets absorbed into the bloodstream and it’s instead of going through the intestines it’s actually excreted through your urine. so it’s not metabolized in the body it’s not being used as fuel and that’s why it doesn’t really have any impact on your blood sugar. but it also doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects in the gut either.

Allulose is diabetic safe sweetener

so if you’re sitting there and you have diabetes you’re probably wondering if allulose is a good choice as a sweetener for you and in my opinion the answer is yes. because one great thing about allulose is it’s low in calorie and it has been shown to actually help lower your blood sugar levels. so there’s some research out there that suggests that allulose may actually help to increase insulin sensitivity in your body and improve the beta cells in the pancreas, improve their function those are the cells in your body that actually make insulin. now more research of course needs to be done but that’s some really exciting benefits that this potential sweetener may offer

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Most people they can enjoy allulose as a sweetener and they don’t get any kind of digestive upset or distress. but gotta remember everybody’s different right. everybody responds to different things differently. so keep that in mind if you try allulose and you feel that you’re sensitive to it or you have any gut impact from it, then it’s not the right choice of sweetener for you. so you know talk with your diabetes care team talk with your healthcare provider the chances of allows causing abdominal plane or bloating or diarrhea they’re minimal.


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